.What we do

“Learning a second language not only has cognitive & academic benefits, it also supports a greater sense of openness to- and appreciation for- other cultures”


Language training for companies, translation & interpreting services, business trips

We are experts in the field of languages. Our international team represents so many countries and so many continents. That is why we can provide (international) companies and organisations with sound advice and training as to language and culture. We can help you improve the communication between you and your international client. It gives us enormous pleasure to see our clients operate successfully in a country that, to us, is home. We will do anything to help you succeed.

At .Be the language we don’t speak of a language course…. what we do is offer language training to (international) organisations, companies and individuals.

Do you need to have a text, a letter or a diploma translated in a very short period of time? In our team we have sworn translators and interpreters who are happy to help you.

You will practise the language in the morning, for example, and in the afternoon you will visit one of your clients. It’s so much fun, great value, and safe.