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Did you know that Germany is the EU’s largest economy, and is in the world’s fourth place behind the US, China and Japan.

Away with silly courses

Language courses still have that stupid, stuffy, boring character of a book, a notebook and a teacher talking all the time. We think that’s a shame. With us you don’t do a course but you get training. A training to help you AND your company improve your contact with your client. It is not just your brain that you actively engage … but your muscles, your emotions, too… Language learning can be such fun!

Language and culture

You’ll never understand a language if you don’t know anything about the culture that goes with it. Knowing about cultural habits, norms and values, and manners adds a whole new dimension to language learning. It broadens your outlook on the population speaking the language of your choice: not only do you know what they say, you understand them. In our training, language & culture are inextricably bound up with each other.

Clear goals and fun

During our intake interview we have set concrete goals together. Using a variety of practical activities and exercises the trainer will ensure that you practise all the skills. That’s why the training won’t be boring at all. You see, fun is the keyword in learning a language.

Learn German

During the training we will practise the language a lot, and speak a great deal of German. Step by step we will offer you everything you need to succeed. The variety of the exercises will make time fly.
We use modern (social) media in our tailor-made, personal coaching.
At home you use your student’s book to study and revise on your own. And if you wish to ask a question or have a certain subject explained further, your trainer will also be available for you outside training hours. So:
Do you fancy a boring language course where you mainly listen to the teacher? √
Are you looking for a language course where you won’t be noticed and you nearly always have to speak your own language? √
Do you enjoy doing mainly gap-filling grammar exercises on your own during the lesson? √
If so, we’d advise you to go elsewhere for a language course… BUT…
Are you looking for dynamics, enthusiasm, fun, all sorts of practical language exercises, small training groups, activity and…a training where you won’t soon forget what you have learnt… then fill in our contact form and we will be in touch within a day.

Translations, interpreting and business trips

Do you have a text that needs to be translated from or to German? Are you looking for an interpreter or someone who can help your company during a business trip? Then fill in our contact form below and we’ll contact you.

“An idea does not pass from one language to another without change”

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